Episode 3 – Blame the Wind: Sea Point Crime -CASE NO. 324/12//2017
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Sea Point Crime 

SAPS seapointcid@saps.gov.za 

CASE NO. 324/12//2017

Officers T:021 430 0700

Place: Arthur’s Seat Mansions

Managing agents: Trafalgar

Security: Bidvest

Blame the Wind or:

How Tales are Told.


Lois Maxwell


Arthur’s Seat Mansions where a criminal / criminals may be lurking.

Let me start at the beginning. Pieter de Vos and I moved into the flat we had bought from Pieter’s mother’s estate in 2014. We were delighted. The flat is filled with mementoes of all kinds from Pieter’s childhood, rekindling fond memories, and I brought in items of  sentimental value to me.

The block of flats had been renovated at great expense. We were somewhat surprised about the poor workmanship on the balustrade around our balcony.

Let me tell the story as a drama script.

One Friday afternoon / dialogue reconstructed:

Scene 1:

Paul Maguire:

The Superintendent

We noted we need to do touch-up work on your balcony.

The contractors can do it early next week. We need access to your flat.


Unfortunately we are leaving for the Karoo village of Prince Albert. But we will be back in 5 days.



This is going to be a problem. They have to finish. It’s only touch-ups.


I am reluctant to give a key….



So what can I say… Do you want the touch-ups done?



Right. I’ll give you a spare key….


Pieter de Vos had 3 identical sets of keys.

IDENTICAL is the key word to remember as this drama unfolds.

One of the keys are handed to Paul Maguire.

Scene 2:

Saturday Morning approximately 8: 15

Pieter and Jan start locking the flat. They are always very thorough. They make sure it is thoroughly locked – then again the final check.

This is a ritual and it ends with all lights off and the geyser off. All the plugs and taps are double checked.


Scene 3:

The Telephone Call on 082 557 0629 Jan’s cell phone as they return to Cape Town


Big big problem!



What…what is the big problem!



You guys are really careless!



What do you mean?



You left the door to the balcony open. It was

totally destroyed by the wind. It’s going to cost you an arm and a leg!



Scene 3:

We return to the flat. The door leading onto the balcony has been all but demolished.


Scene 4:


(to Paul Maguire)

This door was closed and locked.



The wind must have ripped it open.



(to Paul Maguire)




You don’t know how strong the wind can blow in this part of the world.



I was born in Sea Point. Jan and I have been owners of a flat on the sea front. My mother lived in this flat for 40 years. This has never happened to anybody else ever. No matter how strong the wind it will not rip a locked door from its frame and smash it. What about the other doors leading straight onto the balconies?


A  short discussion with the agents Trafalgar, and a report to the chairman, Barry Gie. The door is replaced.

In the coming year or two, events will constantly remind us of the strange conversation with Paul Maguire, and the way he gives his version of events.

Pieter takes the set of keys he has left with Paul Maguire and hands it to Barry Gie. We are away most of the time, and we feel it might be best if Mr Gie chairman of the Body Corporate and our neighbour (who lives right beneath us) has access to the flat in case of emergency.

The story has only begun. Watch this space next week!

Coming soon: An episode featuring the gold and platinum pen – a gift from Canadian-born Hollywood Actress Lois Maxwell (‘Miss Moneypenny’ in the old James Bond films featuring Sean Connery)


Click on the link below to see Lois Maxwell in an episode of  Avenues.

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