Episode 4. Sea Point Crime SAPS seapointcid@saps.gov.za CASE NO. 324/12//2017
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Sea Point Crime

SAPS seapointcid@saps.gov.za

CASE NO. 324/12//2017

Officers T:021 430 0700

Place: Arthur’s Seat Mansions

Managing agents: Trafalgar

Security: Bidvest


It’s a Saturday afternoon, December 2018 – The Festive Season is upon us.

It is a sweltering warm day in the Karoo.

Prince Albert. A hamlet where good intentions and the simple life swirl around like a circle of protective planets shielding us from evil. It’s here in my Karoo cottage that I am considering how should I approach the sad saga of crime in a beautiful block of flats in Episode 4?

The secrets closely guarded, one wonders why the 7th Floor, one floor above the 6th, one floor below the 8th? Why this choice? A friend reminds me of a murder in Bordeaux, another old block right on the Atlantic.

How should I describe the endlessly uncomfortable feeling of crime lurking around the corners of Arthur Seat Mansions, a place you wish to be a home, a place where you would like to feel secure. Where you can observe the Atlantic Ocean, at night listening to the thundering seas rolling in for high tide.

How privileged can I be! But am I?

Am I living in a trap for lucrative crime? Empty promises of action against criminal gains make fools of all he victims.

I am urged to walk away from it. :

“Don’t talk about it, it could influence the prices of our property investments. Is that what you want?”

I wish to counter with: “the way South Africans ignored State capture?” Is crime ignored not as damaging to property prices

as crime laid open and eradicated? Zero tolerance. That is what I stand for.

Poorly investigated? Why are leads not followed up?

Returning from my Karoo idyll, I am looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s holiday! Perhaps today we can visit the Castle or what about a trip up Table Mountain?

As much as I try to ignore the criminal activity, I cannot. It doesn’t matter how you see it.

I am going to try to talk to the investigator despite the fact that she puts the phone down on me when I try to talk to her. Her fee has been paid and she moves on. I cannot. I am going to talk to a private investigator appointed by my neighbor, paying from her own pocket for the service.

“Somebody” entered her flat, opened her safe. Not once but twice, to take what he or she couldn’t the first time; the full story in Episode 5, in  January 2019.

We wish you a wonderful Festive Season and a Prosperous and Safe New Year. 





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