In 1996, South-African director, Jan Groenewald, went to Los Angeles with a mission… To try and unravel the myth that is Hollywood.  He follows 9 aspiring actors & actresses in their daily routine as they try to ‘make it’ in Hollywood. Praying daily for their ‘Big-Break’ everybody dreams of and so few ever experience.

  • Scripwriter
    Pieter de Vos/
  • Publicist
    Eric Kent/
  • Supervising Producer
    Sue Farey/
  • Editor
    Reneé Engelbrecht/
  • Original Concept
    Jan Groenewald/
  • Production Facilities
    A & P Studio/
  • Camera
    Michael Washington/ Matthew Mulholland/ Tim Chevallier/
  • Production Assistant
    Gift Mbedzi/
  • Transcriber
    Julia J. Mooney/
  • Producer
    Corry Foster-Nortjé/
  • Online Editor
    Colette Russouw/
  • Graphics
  • Final Mix
    Duane Lumley/
  • Voice Artist
    Jeff Fannell/
  • Arranger
    Mark Adam Watkins/
  • Composer
    Rebecca Bowman/
  • Producer
    Arthur Trowbridge/