The Girds live in Klerksdorp, a small town South-West of Johannesburg, in South Africa. Trevor Gird supplies fruit and vegetables to the mines. His wife, Maryke, teaches at a local primary school. They’re just a normal family … a normal family. That is how their extraordinary story starts.

Recorded over a three-year period, their lives cannot but inspire viewers.

Two children in the Gird family are dying of a rare heart disease that nobody knows enough about. ARVD.  Genetically determined it can strike at any moment.

Melanie Gird (19) has lost out on her teenage years. As she observes with a fine sense of humour, her life is so dull she can only find excitement in being  rushed to hospital during near-fatal heart disturbances. Her younger brother Trevor Jr (15) has not shown serious signs of the disease yet but he knows his future is mirrored in his sister’s life.

As dramatic as the results of a transplant may be, the greatest drama unfolds before the operation as the patient teeters on the edge of life or death, waiting … waiting … for a new heart, to be taken from somebody whose life has been abruptly ended. There can be no more poignant rescue of a life – as it ends for another.

Not all heart sufferers can be accepted as candidates for a heart transplant, and, once accepted, there is no assurance that a heart will be “found” in time.

It is a race against the passing of time (a period, sometimes, stretching over many months) in which many lives are lost – and only some are won.

Waiting … waiting… waiting…  it’s all the Girds can do …

  • Dedicated to the Gird family
  • Scripwriter
    Christopher Wood/
  • Editors
    Marius Symms & Nikki Comninos/
  • Colourist
    Danielle Dreyer/
  • Narrator
    Fiona Ramsay/
  • Music
    Du Preez Strauss/
  • Concept
    Jan Groenewald/
  • Camera
    Colin Taylor, Georgia Court, Grant Waterston, Ian Miller, Riaan Laubscher, Ryley Olivier & Tim Wege/
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    Jan Groenewald, Pierre de Jager & Pieter de Vos/
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