Sea Point Crime: CASE NO. 324/12//2017 – EPISODE 2; CRIMES ON THE 7TH FLOOR
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Sea Point Crime
CASE NO. 324/12//2017
Officers T:021 430 0700
Place: Arthur’s Seat Mansions
Managing agents: Trafalgar
Security: Bidvest


Look at the priceless cameo around Mrs. Tibbie Steyn’s neck. In all the photos of her, one sees the cameo, again and again, a gift from her closest friend and confidante Emily Hobhouse, the Victorian peace

Tibbie was the wife of the last president of an independent Free State, then known as the Orange Free State. -Click me
People are at this moment remembering the end of World War 1. The South African War, or Anglo Boer War as it used to be known, is considered a practise run – in which more than 35 000 women, babies and young children died in concentration camps.
Emily’s gift to her close friend signified the incredibly close bond between the two women, fighting together for the end to war and what Emily described as the main victims of war: the civilian population and specifically the unarmed and helpless: mothers, babies and young children everywhere in the world.

Like the holocaust, the South African War and every other war should not be forgotten. They serve as moral beacons in a dark world, in the words of Kate Potter, the sister of the famous creator of children’s books Beatrice.







Crime items:

This cameo around Mrs. Steyn’s neck was an item of many that you will hear about in the weeks to come.

Ileana Haak was the granddaughter of Tibbie Steyn, one item among many other historical memorabilia that were stolen.


Voting Guide:

The new democratic South Africa is hoping, hopefully praying and many are deep in meditation for a new political dawn in South Africa. Dawn, with the first light illuminating the sky before sunrise, seems to evade the country. Crime remains a devastating issue, destroying lives and down the scale of importance but also significant, the economy and along with it property values.


People hope criminal activity will diminish. They look to the Police. They forget that they have to be equally diligent, addressing and fighting crime wherever they find it. Also in Arthur’s Seat Mansions and anywhere else in the country that it appears.
The residents of Arthur’s Seat Mansions like South Africans everywhere should not forget that a great investment in an apartment over the Atlantic ocean will lose it’s prestige as well as its monetary value if crime goes unchecked.
The culprit(s) at Arthur’s Seat Mansions have not been caught – yet. Watch this space for the articles stolen at Arthur’s Seat Mansions. Send us photos of your precious family pieces.
At Arthur’s Seat Mansions like elsewhere, one suspects that it is only a matter of time and it will all resume. The fact is: The intruder is still around.

The suspected modus operandi at Arthur’s Seat Mansions:

Flats may have been entered with keys often left with the Body Corporate or supervisor, or through hatches to remove garbage.

Flat 68 on the 7th floor had a security gate, yale lock and a second lock. In the case of Nr 68, there were keys left with the block’s management.
After entry a skilled and trained intruder or intruders unlock cupboards – all of them.
This theft took place at night because lights were switched on and in the room where the articles were taken from not even switched off.
There would have been lots of time to select what was valuable. And the really valuable items were stolen.
The intruder or intruders must have been knowledgable, familiar with the difference between genuine silver and EPNS silverware.
A collection of the most exquisite jewellery was stolen, some to be described in following episodes. Who knows, we may uncover the distribution network? SHARE YOUR STORIES WITH US.
In another flat a safe was opened and every valuable item removed from the safe.

Below an email to the Chairman of the Body Corporate to begin an investigation; in green his reaction to the letter.


Dear Mr Gie
Thanks for your letter and all the needed answers that will make our own investigation much easier.

Mr Gie do you really want me to walk away from unsolved crime activities?

For the sake of protecting a privilege group of people living in a so called prestiges block of flats?
With an election that is around the corner I don’t think this attitude will hold any attracting force -gravity!


Mr Gie responded with:

I find the following allegations that you made disturbing and unjustified: “While I can appreciate that the incident that you reported on the 23rd December 2017 has affected you emotionally and that it has caused you an undisclosed financial loss, I am far from convinced that your intended actions will result in the recovery of the lost items or identification of the culprit(s).”


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